The Polish American Club Scholarship

Polish American Club will grant yearly up to one(1) scholarship worth of $1000.00 to the applicant of Polish descent.


  1. A student who at the time of submitting his/her application is currently enrolled at the higher education institution (college, university)

  2. Must be of the Polish descent

  3. The Applicant or his Family must be active members of the Polish-American Club

Who is NOT eligible:

  1. Anyone who is related to the current Polish American Club Board or Scholarship Committee member.

  2. Previous recipient of the PAC scholarship is not eligible.


  1. Submit Polish American Club Scholarship Form (below)

  2. Essay must consist of the Applicant personal experience of the place/person/event that is linked to the Polish heritage. The Essay is written and presented either in English or in Polish. Must be minimum of one page with no less than 400 words.

  3. Once Scholarship Committee approves the application, the Applicant must schedule in person meeting to present his/her Essay.

Due Dates:

  1. Application must be submitted by October 15th. Any applications after this date will be reviewed the following calendar year.

  2. Personal presentation must be scheduled with the Scholarship Committee by no later then November 20th

Award of the Scholarship:

Scholarship will be awarded by team consisting of members of the PAC Board and members of the Scholarship Committee. The Award presentation will be held during the Annual Christmas Dinner in December.

Apply for Scholarship by filling the form below and press the "Submit" Button

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