The membership of the Club consists of anyone who supports the Club’s purposes and who wishes to be affiliated with, and to participate in, its activities. Members have the right to attend all meetings, to cast votes, and to participate in all Club-sponsored activities.
Club dues are determined annually by the Executive Board, and should be paid in full by March 31st of every year. The current dues are:
·       Individual – for any adult 18 years of age or older - $20
·       Family – for at least two adult members of the same household - $40
Special rates are for students and seniors, i.e., for students currently enrolled in any type of accredited school or adults 70 years of age or older:
·       Student/Senior Individual - $10
·       Student/Senior Family/Couple - $15
Note: No ID required, but you must claim your discount (we will not ask for your age or education status)

Please make checks payable to the Polish-American Club of the Triangle and mail to:
Polish-American Club of the Triangle
P.O. Box 33635
Raleigh, NC 27636

or by PayPal
Please note that a $2 PayPal fee ('shipping') will be added to your payment.

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