Who can join the Club?
Everyone is welcome. If you are Polish, or have family or friends that are Polish or simply you are interested in Poland, please feel free to join PAC. 

Do I have to speak Polish to be a member of PAC?

Who runs the Club?
The club is run and staffed entirely by volunteers. We always welcome anyone willing to help!

How can I become a member of Polish America Club?
Please check the membership page
You can become a member by attending a PAC meeting or event. You can sign up on the spot.

What are the benefits of being a member of PAC?
1) meeting Polish-Americans!
2) discounts for PAC events
2) access to Polish books
3) being informed about various cultural events
4) participating in the Club activities and elections for Club officers

Can I come to PAC events even though I am not a member of PAC?
Yes. Everyone is welcome to join us.

What is polamrtp@googlegroups.com email group?
The googlegroups email is main way to receive information about various activities involving Polish people in RTP.
Any member can post on Google group. Spam is filtered out.
Topics posted on the polamrtp Google Group Forum by other members may not always represent the views of the Polish American Club who tries to be neutral and not engage in promoting any specific political and religious views.

What is the official email of the Polish American Club?
The official email of the Polish American Club (PAC) is polam.raleigh@gmail.com
Please send email to polam.raleigh@gmail.com for any inquiry, registartion etc.
If the sender of the email  you received is polam.raleigh@gmail.com - it is information from the Polish American Club.

How can I subscribe to the polamrtp@googlegroups.com?
Follow the link:  https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/polamrtp
If you are not yet a member, select "Join group", then select how do you want to be notified about various posts (summary, every post, not at all).
Then, select "Join".
If you are already a member, you should see posts in the googlegroup forum and can change your setting.

How do I sign up to help in day-to-day activities or special projects at PAC?
Come to one of our social events posted on the website. Talk to the club leadership about your ideas, interests and availability. We have plenty of work and never enough people. 

What is PayPal?
PayPal allows user to pay online using your PayPal account or any credit card. It's a secure and quick way to sign up for events, pay your membership dues or donate money.