Election of Polish American Club Board for 2019/2020

Notes from the Polish American Club (PAC) General Election Meeting on December 6, 2018

WHEN:     Thursday, December 6, 2018, 6:30PM
WHERE:   Scott Hall, 2711 Founders Dr, Raleigh, NC 27695 NCSU - Main Campus

Election of the new Officers of the Polish American Club for 2019/2020

PRESIDENT:           Mariola Kopcinski 

VICE PRESIDENT:  Piotr Kralka 

SECRETARY:          Piotr Gucwa 

TREASURER:         Jadwiga Zerda 

We had quorum: out of 43 PAC Memberships (paid 2018 dues);  we had 17 members voting.
THANK YOU outgoing PAC Board!   We really appreciate your hard work during last two years.
CONGRATULATIONS to the newly elected Board of the Club! We wish you well! 

Review of last 2 years activities of the Polish American Club

Stefania Hurt - our outgoing President of the Club shared with us PowerPoint and current Website and reviewed major Events organized or sponsored by the Club.
Jadwiga Zerda - current Treasurer shared with participants Excel Spreadsheet where she documents Club finances.

Plan future Events for the Club

PAC meetings. We agreed to schedule PAC meetings every other month. Tentatively, we agreed on the first two meetings next year: January 23 and March 20, 2019. 
Time: 6:30PM  Location: Scott Hall, 2711 Founders Dr, Raleigh, NC 27695. We will send reminder email and update website closer to the actual meetings. All are welcome to attend.

Ostatki/Mardi Grass Party tentatively scheduled for Saturday March 2, 2019. Ewa Potyra will work to reserve a lovely Club House in her neighborhood.

PAC Meeting on March 20th to elect the Club's Acting Vice President.

WHEN:   Tuesday, March 20, 2018,  7-9 PM
WHERE:  NCSU -Main Campus facing Hillsborough Street

Elections of VP

Mariola Kopcinski has been elected Acing Vice President of the Polish American Club. Congratulations Mariola!
Ewa Maletz (second condidate) removed her candidacy a few hours before the meeting, so Mariola won by acclamation.
We also received a late nomination for Wieslaw Ciosek, but he did not attend the meeting, so we only informed attendees about the matter.
We had quorum: out of 38 PAC Members (paid 2018 dues);  we had 20 members in attendance + Mark Fountain (our Honorary Consul).

PAC Team